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CinCoYo Duplication offers some of the highest quality, lowest prices and fastest CD/DVD production in the world. As a result, our "distribute at no cost to you" service yields much higher payouts to publishers and artists than many other channels. Our service is designed for 21st-century, intelligent, independent media publishers who prefer to deal with an efficient and reliable machine that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Because CinCoYo Duplication is highly automated and focused on quality, low prices, and fast production, we offer a minimal range of options.




CD/DVD Publishing


Fast and simple. You upload, we configure and manufacture in one day! Or, use our design service to design your disc, case, and insert. We send you a free review copy of your product!

  • You select the product type (audio, video, ebook, game, data), and enter product information like title, publisher, author.
  • You upload your dvd or jewel case and disc print design or use our design service.
  • You upload the disc content by selecting your existing source CD/DVD.
  • Your product design, and content are compiled into a master product you test and review.
  • You approve and we publish your master product in our facility.
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    CD/DVD Manufacturing

    Once your CD/DVD project has been approved and published, you can order any quantity at any time. A seamless, automated system accepts orders; manufactures, prints, assembles, packages, wraps, and ships your product in minutes.CDs and DVDs manufactured in our facility look and feel as good or better than similar products found in retail outlets. We print digitally in full color directly on the disc surface, case inserts, and covers. We don't use peel-able labels or inkjet printers. Our cases are sealed with cellophane over-wrap.
    Full color CD with jewel case Manufacturing Full color DVD with DVD case Manufacturing

    Full color CD printing
    Jewel case
    Full color 2-panel insert
    Full color tray card
    Cellophane wrapping
    UPC bar code
    24-Hour rush manufacturing

    Full color DVD printing
    DVD case
    Full color 1-panel insert
    Full color DVD case cover
    Cellophane wrapping
    UPC bar code
    24-Hour rush manufacturing

    All inclusive price $2

    Disc Type
    Publisher ID
    Product ID
    Digital manufacturing reduces setup costs, coordination, human error and most labor costs. This yields a constant low production cost for all quantity levels -- so you can order smaller quantities with minimal upfront and warehousing costs.
    Order what you need when you need it. Order 1 or 300 units. Order more when you need them. We can drop-ship to any address.
    Just-in-time production means risk-free, zero warehousing costs.
    No minimums or contracts plus Free UPS Ground shipping in USA for 500+ units.
    CinCoYo Duplication deletes CD /DVD products if there are zero orders in a 180 day period. You can keep your product archived by purchasing at least one unit every 180 days.


    CD/DVD Distribution

    Distribute at no cost to you! Our automated factory accepts credit-card orders on your behalf. We manufacture and ship your product to your customers within minutes. We report sales with customer names/addresses and issue payment for an amount equal to the quantity sold multiplied by the price you set minus $2. 

    CinCoYo CD/DVD Distribution service integrates manufacturing, order-taking, packing, shipping, tracking, accounting, and customer service into one seamless, frictionless system that minimizes costs, errors and time. We provide you with accounting data, customer names and addresses.
    CinCoYo Duplication deletes CD /DVD products if there are zero sales in a 180 day period. You can keep your product archived by purchasing at least one unit every 180 days.

    Retail quality. Full-color, glossy, fully assembled, cellophane-wrapped, retail-ready products with FREE UPC bar codes.
    We manufacture to high-quality retail specifications letting you sell your CDs and DVDs at CD-Baby, Amazon, and other retail outlets.
    No minimums, commitments, or contracts!


    CD Baby

    Amazon's Advantage program lets you work directly with the Internet's leading retailer to market your CD and DVD products to customers.  

    Please familiarize yourself with all the rules. For example, your product will require a UPC bar code placed on the bottom right hand corner of the back of the product. Products also need to be cellophane wrapped. Products manufactured by CinCoYo Duplication are retail ready for Amazon's Advantage program.

    CinCoYo Duplication also offers a
     FREE UPC Bar Code which is printed in the correct area of the product. Read more about UPC bar codes

    You can use CinCoYo Duplication to manufacture and drop-ship to Amazon to restock your Amazon inventory when needed.

    To get more information and sign up to Amazon's Advantage program go to the
    Amazon web site and click on the "Sell on Amazon" link which you will find at the bottom of the page.

    In addition to Amazon, your products will be available to drop ship to other major web sites.

    Need Digital Distribution for you muisc? CinCoYo Studio offers digital distribution services to ensure your music is available for dowload on all the top digital music sites!

    CD Baby is an online record store that sells CDs by independent musicians. They can help you sell your CD. They are the largest seller of independent CDs on the web.

    After you set up an account with them you can use CinCoYo Duplication to manufacture and drop-ship your CDs directly to CD Baby. We can drop-ship any quantity.

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    Mastering is the last creative step before replication — the last chance to modify your recorded performance and take your music to another level. Let our expert audio mastering engineers and top-quality mastering equipment make sure your music is ready for commercial release.




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