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270-3d-logo_small Hailing from Columbus, OH and adopting a name that represents their city's beltway, 270 will take you on a musical ride around and deep within the heart of "Bustown". Click here for more 270 info, music, videos, photos, and events.

D Morg Icon Hailing from Youngstown, OH, D Morg put the "Yo" in CinCoYo. As Executive Producer and Head Engineer, he is the creative force driving CinCoYo Entertainment's unique sound. Click here for more D Morg info, music, videos, photos, and events.

Geron T Rubber Stamp Reflection From the Columbus area group FBA known for reppin Buckeye Nation, Geron T brings us his solo EP 100% Geron T. With production from AntMan and D Morg, Geron T crafts catchy tunes that are 100% garunteed to keep you movin! Click here for more Geron T info, music, videos, photos, and events.

BlastMega Hat Low Text Reflection BlastMega (A.K.A. Bobby Jewelz of 270) has released his 1st official project in over 5 years & 1st official solo project EVER! With hits like H.I.T.S (Hands In The Sky) Rebel Music will keep Hip-Hop heads nodding in aproval. Click here for more BlastMega info, music, videos, photos, events, and more.


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