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The Shield Ablum Cover

Long awaited, Highly anticipated, is truely an understatement. The Shield is about 5 years in the making but well worth the wait and epic undertaking. 270 pushes the boundaries of Hip-Hop as a genre and redefines themselves as unique pillars within  an unapologetic and unoriginal soudscape yet somehow still manages to keep it hood. Backed by dynamic and diverse production by D Morg for Youngstown Tune-Up Productions, The Sheild musically travels through the highs, lows, and different moods of life deep inside the circle that is 270. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! If you're an artist, this is not just an album. The Shield is also a Youngstown Tune-Up Productions beat showcase. That means that all the beats are availble for lease!




The title track America Live sets the tone of the Mixtape. Right from the start, the track informs you who's in the building. Oh you ain't know? It's 270 BEACHEZZZ!!!

Written by Bobby Jewelz, Martin Fletcher, and Lewie. Produced by Lunie Tunez. Engineered, Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered by D Morg at CinCoYo Studio Columbus OH. Recorded at Advantage Studio Columbus OH. Executive prodcuers D Morg and 270. Photography, Artwork, and Design by D Morg for DMorganizedArt/CinCoYo Entertainment

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